Time registration

All hours worked are logged automatically

Comprehensive employee

Apart from all the other useful functions, managing your employees is the logical next step. You can do this using the personnel module; most of the module’s data can even be exported to Excel. Employees can use our timers for their own time registration, which you then only need to validate. How many hours were worked, where and when? Thanks to Agromanager, all these details are at your fingertips.

Feel free to link Time Registration to our additional modules, and create a formula that meets the needs of your company.

Comprehensive employee information
Perfect crop monitoring

Easy to use

The first step is to draw your crops on a map to obtain a digital overview of your plots. The chances are that you have already done this for the Spraying Journal. Afterwards, our Time app regularly sends your GPS location to our servers, so they can perfectly track when and how long you work, and on which crop. This means all hours worked are automatically logged for the correct crop!


Do you want certain documents to be completed faster? No problem! You can use Agromanager for health insurance company declarations, picking cards, etc. We can create a report for each document so that it is filled in automatically. Handy, isn’t it?

Increase your return

Time app

With the Time app, your employees can easily ‘start’ and ‘stop’ work. By scanning their staff badge, you know who has started work. The location is shared with the server every minute. If you are working in the field, Agromanager accurately indicates which crop you have been working on and for how long.

Perfect crop monitoring
Comprehensive employee information

A tailor-made

The time registration module makes it easy to register all hours worked in Agromanager. If you combine this module with the Harvest Registration module, you can record harvest performance. We have also incorporated various registration methods and tools in our software. This allows you to adjust the software to your working methods, without having to make any changes to your processes.