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Agromanager offers customization for fruit growers

Agromanager is the ideal tool for fruit growers who want to gain insight into their results and strive to grow their business efficiently. This is because the innovative software system offers not only the ability to track processes and output, but also to see what is happening with inputs and raw materials. And that creates opportunities for optimization.

Anything but a one size fits all

Agromanager's software is anything but a one size fits all: the modules are fully adapted to your personal way of working as a fruit grower. You therefore receive a system tailored to your fruit-growing company, with which you can effortlessly generate reports and map out your procedures in a well-organized way.



No more wasting time on manual admin

All this is automated, so you no longer have to waste time and energy manually entering and registering your fruit cultivation data. Think of the time registration of your picking, your stock management, your invoicing, your personnel data, your spray treatments, ... everything happens automatically with our various modules, which we tailor to your unique needs.

Also have a tool tailored to your fruit growing needs in mind?

For example, for a specific customer we developed a handy tool to keep track of which and how many raw materials were used during the production process of his fruit, about which you can read more here. This proved useful not only for the client's budget management, but also for his customer and end consumer. They showed an interest in the origin and production method of the fruit they bought.

Achieve more productivity and profitability

In other words, with Agromanger's customization, it becomes possible to strategically improve your specific organization and sales, and achieve more productivity and profitability with your business. So, like the above customer, do you have a specific help request for the registration and management of your fruit crops and would like to know if we at Agromanager can develop a tool for it?

If so, we would be happy to sit down with you to go over your requirements and compare our options against them. So feel free to get in touch: let's have a no-obligation brainstorming session about what your fruit growing business could use!