Your fruit company in a single online system.

Agromanager is a simple online tool that makes administration easier for 600+ fruit companies.

What we do

Unfortunately, we have to deal with the administration involved in fruit growing ourselves. Moreover, the legislation regarding traceability and crop protection is becoming inceasingly strict, and rightfully so! For us fruit growers, however, it is not getting any easier. That is why we started looking for a solution that is flexible and simple.

Customized service

Our job is to make yours run smoothly. And since we are always available, we can help you throughout the registration process. This way, you get the most out of our powerful software.

User-friendly software

Agromanager is developed by and for fruit growers, which makes everything practical and straightforward. Only things that are useful are easily registered.

Online application

Agromanager is an online application. It is accessible from anywhere and backups are made continuously. That way, you will never lose valuable data.

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Our Software

From growing to harvesting, from storage to the final consumer: you always have a clear overview of the entire flow. You can request, compare and adjust reports at any moment, and data exchange between different growers, auctions and customers is facilitated. Because all the data are located in one system, you only need to register once.

Spray Book

Do you want to check the treatment? Believe us, it will be peanuts.

Register your treatments in Agromanager, and they will be checked automatically. Because all legal requirements are included in our database, we do all checkups for you. Is a treatment approved? Then you can get started immediately.


Control your administration effortlessly.

all storage crates can be scanned from the forklift while entering the cell. With Agromanager, you immediately know where each crate is located. Thanks to our simple app, you no longer need to use a computer. Entering, moving and exporting can easily be done from one device.


Efficient sorting with orders.

By adding orders in Agromanager, the person who registers only has to click on the photo. Then, the label is printed and the pallet is registered.

Clear administration

Each pallet that is sorted, is included in the stock. Each empty item that is used, is removed from the stock. Everything is in compliance with the BRC standard and is done with just one click.

time registration

Do not waste time on time registration.

with our Timers, staff members can register their own hours. All you have to do is confirm afterwards. In addition, all working hours are recorded by means of GPS on the crop on which they worked. This gives you a clear overview of how many working hours have been performed.

Our Customers

Many growers who use Agromanager are very satisfied with our software and service. If you know someone in your area who uses Agromanager, be sure to ask about their experiences.

Agromanager is the way to the future. The service is helpful and problems are solved at lightning speed.

Maurits Van De Water – Van de Water Fruit

Agromanager grows with the customer and is just as dynamic as fruit growing itself.

Martijn Slabbekoorn – Slabbekoorn Fruit

Everything is arranged in the system (from cultivation to delivery). The data are also exchangeable with third parties.

Hans Vos – Vos Fruit

We have combined our experience as fruit growers and our IT knowledge into one online system: Agromanager.

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Our team

Agromanager is a young company founded in 2018 by Laurens and Brent. Together we try to provide our 500+ customers the best software and the best support. To help us with this, we are still looking for different profiles.

Laurens Tack
Brent De Boey
Katherine Valdez
Jochem Van Hespen
.NET developer
Andy Wauters
.NET developer
Stijn Meersschaert
.NET developer

Do you have any questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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